Bird Control


Bird Control

Wide Spike 15 cm Coverage


Stainless steel
Dual option installation

Narrow Spike 10 cm Coverage


Stainless steel
Dual option installation

Rapido Adhesive


Strong durability
Compatible with Spike installation

Bird Net


19 mm polyethylene net
Prevent Pigeons, Sparrows, Myna, Dove, Gulls, Starlings
Long life
All-weather resistance
Slight visibility
Comprehensive bird proofing

Bird Gel Repellent


Ultraviolet light spectrum
Easy to use
Remarkable bird control solution
Economical in budget

Bird Buffer


Eco friendly chemical solution
Grapes extracts
Invisible application
Auto timer
Huge coverage of area

Bird Shock


Electric bird deterrent system
Nearly invisible
Direct Electricity Power & Solar Power Operated
Ideal for mainstream bird proofing projects
Unique copper conductive material
Flexible track

Bird Wire


Low visibility
Physical deterrent system
Repel pigeon landing

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