Insect Control


Insect Control

Insect Monitoring Trap


Strong glue
Over 100 insects can stick
Roach attractant

Plug-in LED Insect Fly killer


Kills flies and other flying insects
Slimline and contemporary design
Extractable tray for easy cleaning and disposal
Provides day and night protection
15m² coverage

Indoor Pest Repellers


Ultrasonic waves target either rodents or insect pests
LED Light cleverly displays current setting
Targets rats, mice, spiders, cockroaches and ants
Harmless to pets, children and pregnant women

We operate throughout all of Qatar and we utilize our workforce to be available on a 24-hour, 365 day basis, allowing us to be where you need us, when you need us.

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Building No. 5, Street No. 905, Area No. 14, Floor No. 9, Unit No. 904A, 904B Musheireb P.O. BOX 9280 DOHA – QATAR

+974 4458-1760
Toll Free: 800-7378